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Allergan Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program
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Brilliant Distinctions is a program organized by Allergan to save patients money and to build brand loyalty with their products. 
Once you are a member of the program, every time you do an included procedure or purchase an included product you get rewarded points.  Then, the points you accumulate can be redeemed for cash value and my office will give you an immediate discount on your subsequent procedure or product purchase.

For Example:  If you come to the office and have an area injected with Botox, while you are at the office we will enter the treatment into your account and you are given 200 Reward Points.  Those points can be redeemed a cash value of $20 when you have your next Botox treatment.  Or you can use the cash value for Juvederm for purchasing Latisse.  You can use the points for each subsequent treatment or you can allow them to accumulate.

I honor the program for Botox, Juvederm injections and the product Latisse.

Learn more by visiting the Brilliant Distinctions website.  Tap Here

- To participate you must download the Brilliant Distinctions app to your mobile device.  The app is available for Apple and Android.
- Go to your app store and download the Brilliant Distinctions app.
- Then you must register using the app using your email address and cell phone number and create a password.
- When you have an active registration we can find your account on our office computer, link you to my practice and issue your reward points and later redeem your cash value.

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